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Headlines Importing and the death of our economy!


Banned - What an Asshat!
It's absolutely destroying our economy!
All we do is import from Asia and poor money into their economy. Meanwhile the corporations that are founded in the USA move factories overseas so a guy in another country can operate machinery or monitor robots and push buttons.

Why pay an American $8-$9 an hour when they can pay these people with pocket change?

Every one of these stuffed shirts representing the STOCKHOLDERS says this. As if the stockholders would go broke if they continued to pay an American citizen!
It's a scam.
They're lying to us to gain more power and more control.
They could keep the jobs here but next year their profits would not have increased as much as they would have liked so WE gotta foot the bill!!

This disgusts me.
Absolutely disgusts me.
I have to hear how Blockbuster is going to file bankruptcy since they did away with late fees but I very seriously doubt any of their primary stockholders are going without. This economy is designed to let people steal as much as they can, it's a scam. For one man to get ahead, it will come at the expense of another.

We need to stop fattening everyone elses pockets and economy and focus on our own country. We need to cut importing by 2/3 and that is no joke. This nation is falling apart and the rich don't care. I mean fuck, if you're going to have that kind of attitude about it, AT LEAST DO IT TO OTHER COUNTRIES.
But no, they'd rather screw over their fellow American. They stole this country from the natives living here so why not fuck over the people that are living here now.
This has got to stop.

..oh and I almost forgot, fuck you:mfinger:


You are right!

Screw all fucking globalists.

Karl Marx was a reactionary republican after all..

Capitalists of all nations unite!
And they have done so.




Since most companys are outsourcing, if they get a cheap indian who is just another person it doesn't matter to them what nationality they are, only what price. They would jump at anyone who has a tiny amount of experence, and is very cheap. And only bring in "Experenced" people when a department is about to crash and :flamed: or if they have a manager who still has a grip on reality.


You can't blame the people in China. Those poor chaps are abused by their own fascist goverrnment to work for lousy wages to get the West on its knees in the future.
Look at the steel market? China buys everything.
Shipbuilding is cheap in China.
America and Europe lose their wharfs, skill and technology.
In the Netherlands we have built very nice submarines, but the wharf can't manage to build anymore because of the cheap shipbuilding somewhere else.
And that works for all segments of the market.

The difference between Europe and America is however, that Europe still has some financial credibility, and a large internal market, while America spends more money than it gets in.
Or in easy speak: You buy more than you produce.
And that is our main European concern.

What we see is that American firms export rice to Africa, in that way African farmers can't make a living. The WTO just agreed to stop subsidies in 2013!
Swell.. African families will be dead and buried then.

In the same time, East Asia is producing for an American market, so Americans can buy cheap products. The only problem will be, Americans will have less and less jobs to pay for even this low priced products.
That is not interesting for the upper class Americans, that grow enormously rich by trading.

You should look at the Dutch colonial system. The famous VOC.
A trade company that eventually made huge profits, but after 200 years the system broke down completely, and our country got poor.
Than came the cheap American grain and corn in the early 1920's.
Farmers couldn't produce anymore without also investing in very expensive agriculture machines. That's why the EU is also protective for it's own market.
Untill 2013..

Free trade in the world is a joke!
Americans use food to ruin the economies of poor countries.