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Improvised Ode to My Ex

Blaze Daily

<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
You got me hooked on the rocks in rain as the city sleeps. The night elludes a shame with the pity freaks. I light another cigarette, and I weep, for our belongings. Candy in a beat up car, outside your flat, after a drive with the music on. I remember your name and address, you said it to me often enough as we dressed, and ate breakfast by the white kitchen table.

We were never stable. Cutting each other to ribbons of red, in a fiery dress of sacrilegious sanctity. Another wank stain. The poetry was a shame. We wrote it without signing our names. Forever in shame, our game.

But soon it was over, in under a year. We had good times and fair times, weathered the seasons of the trade of existence of emotions of still frame sex in a bed with candle wax to the head and real life trauma as the child has a daughter and we all get a little older and feel that one second closer to death as your chest tightens and we curl over and die.

An ode to my ex, who was empty and never live.


Banned - What an Asshat!
blaze daily's real name is pete doherty, of the pop group babyshambles, formerly of the libertines.