In My Fathers Eyes


Fack Aff!
Some say that a daughter is perfect, in her fathers eyes.
Mine long sinse gone, I sit and wonder,
How would I look in my fathers eyes?
I tryed to be the little girl, he wanted me to be.
I was the crazy teen, he would have felt a bit of shame.
I grew into a woman, he would have been proud.
I made him a grandpa, i'm sad he can't be around.
As i look at my past, preparing for my future,
How would I look, in my fathers eyes?
I dated may boys, he would have chased off,
I married a man, he would have felt some remorse.
Though i dropped out of school, I soon went back,
To ensure of an unsure future alone, i knew this would come,
I knew the marrage would not last, there are some things you can't look past.
So how would I look, in my fathers eyes?
Would he see my strength and feel pride?
Would he love to know that I wouldn't admit defeat?
Would he admire me for my choices?
or would he feel shame for my failures?
Would he feel sad or did i make him mad?
These are questions and feelings i'll never know the answer to.
Not a day goes by that I don't morn my dad.
Lost too early in life, we all felt pain.
I look at his picture and think of him daily,
I watch his gradaughters, i feel his pride.
Two beautiful little girls, he would have adord.
Who would have been perfect, in their grandpas eyes.
So over the years, i'll sit and wait,
Till the day, which is fait.
I meet my dad, in which ever after life,
That may be our path.
I'll ask the question, that burns in my soul,
How did I live, in my fathers eyes.

not the best, but i'm new to this, so be gental. :rolleyes:
Very touching Nymph. Gives us some insight into growing an orphan. My mother was an orphan too. One of the few things that near made me cry.


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Nymph that was truelly made my friend cry :thumbsup: i like it when he cries...


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Anything so from the heart, is right.

Great post Nymph.