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In this thread, you will list your current addictions in order of severity.


Hella Constipated
1. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on the Sega Dreamcast - It's a chalky, rocky substance coated onto a CD-R, and if I don't get my fix I get antsy and see Captain America crawling under my skin.

2. Extremely spicy food - Wasabi Peas, Boar's Head buffalo chicken sandwiches topped with Frank's Red Hot, Tabasco, and coarsely crunched pepper, on white bread, etc.

3. Organic Milk - 1/2 gallon a day or I get pissy. And no it doesn't give me the shits.

4. Kool-Aid - Especially the mango shit. Can't get enough of it.

5. Excersize. Be it sports, running, airsofting, etc. But I threw my back out playing cageball in gym. Fuck.

6. Waiting for my high-grade black Italian BB's and gun lube to arrive - I need my Airsoft scrimming, dammit!



Banned - What an Asshat!
1. reading inane bullshit.. web/tree copies..
2. watching my wife own 'we love katamari' while i drink rum.. wowsies..
3. the usual shared porn experiences, especially last weeks hot tub scenarios.
4. fantasising about getting sarah silverman, defiling her..
5. driving our prius at speeds that fuck with suv owners minds while driving from asheville to nashville on I40 over the smoky whatever mountains.. i think i made a few people realise that hybrids do have HP when i dusted them on posted 55mph uphills at 80mph.. i should get comission from toyota.. maybe not..
6. rum.
7. comix.. dirty disgusting 60s filth.. thru to tomine etc..
8. CRKT knives, actually this really should be #1 but i'm too assmangled to care.. best knives for stabbing strangers and i'm fast collecting the whole range..
9. smart cars.. i wish..
10. sarah silverman, tied up, in a hot tub, in a prius..
11. lsd, nostalgia is your friend.
12. indigo prophecy.. just in case the ps2 miraculously becomes available..
13. knowing that although i am 38 and half past dead, my wife is only 26.. does ballet twice a week and earns six figures.. now that is an aphrodisiac.
14. whatever the opposite of half past dead is, glass half full zen shit..
15. royal trux and brian eno.. as ever.
16. not being in england, repeat.. not being in england.. applying for dual citizenshit with the usa.. realising i only have to go back for funerals.
17. belgian beer, should be #2.
18. knowing that in the morning.. monday 26th september.. i have to see my urologist, it's been six weeks since my vasectomy and he wants a sperm sample.. this means two things.. firstly my wife has promised to help me fill the jar before she leaves for work.. secondly, i may finally be deemed sterile and thus a truely valuable member of society.
19. ugly dolls, i dunno, i still like them..
20. remodelling fantasies.. probably with sarah silverman wearing a toolbelt and nothing else..


Katamari Damachi? (sp?) If so, that games rocks!
11. lsd, nostalgia is your friend.
Oh man...

  1. Sex - always #1 :p
  2. Playing with my little girl - more time for those things in our current situation
  3. Finding freelance programming jobs since I have no steady job right now (thanks Katrina) / Looking for a decent temporary job around here (not a bright prospect)
  4. Kool milds
  5. Music
  6. Learning new things and applying what I learn to real world projects
  7. (good) Beer and aged scotch, martinis too
  8. Music
  9. Music
  10. Running
  11. and SA
  12. Fable - The lost Chapters
  13. Stargate Atlantis
  14. Firefox/Seamonkey development - building my own optimized versions, testing nightlies
  15. Playing old computer games - my dad has tons of disks and some old hardware. Commander Keen and Monkey Island have been a daily rituals since Katrina.
  16. Whatever I forgot


Banned - What an Asshat!
'we love katamari' is 'katamari damarcy 2'.. and she won't let me near the fucking thing..

how's fable-LC working out?
1. Phantasy Star Online - No matter what version, or how shitty of a job they do to keep things under control I always go back
2. Designing stuff in photoshop
3. Screwing around on the computer
4. Sleeping.
5. Posting/Reading stuff on various forums
6. Stargate Atlantis
1) trying to figure out how to turn a can of lima beans into a sexual object.
2) Beer (Guinness)
3) Air
4) Sex
5) counting the days till the let me off for good behavior.
6) WTF'ing
7) Car Bombs
8) planning my Paroll trip to eastern europe
9) trying to figure out how to get my most lovely stateside bartender to marry me.
10) tattoos.


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
1. sex
2. william, I just need a everyday dose of him pounding in my ears, need that
4.friends especially Cia, she is so loverly <3
5.hugging! I need to feel close with people I like so hugshugshugs
6.caffeine (trying to get it out of my system)
7.animals I need to see and pet and cozy and everything


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
void said:
16. not being in england, repeat.. not being in england..
Turn coat :p

1.Cigarrete ~Gaaahhhhh
2.Beer (real ale) / Pub / Friends
6.Pay check
7.More sleep
9.Pausing Basic Instinct when Sharon Stone opens her legs :joy:

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
I hate Sarah Silverman.

Current addictions:

- boozing
- smoking
- yelling at pledges
- fucking up chances at relationships
- making out with random people
- peace love and happiness

I suck at this.


1.Slushies, i need one everynight or i go crazy
2.My computer,i need to be on it atleast for an hour a day or i wont feel..alive.
3.Bawls energy drinks, need 2 a week or im dead :)
4.Caffiene, i can go without it for about 2 days or im totally beat.

I dont have many but they are good enough

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Let's see; Addictions...

1. RedBull, I know It's probably going to kill me but oh well!
2. Tea in the morning, If I don't get it, I feel like shit.
3. Sex.. self explantory.
4. Alcohol.
5. Computer, mostly Internet :)
6. Music.
8. Food; including Ice Cream, Panettone cake.
9. Sleep! I love sleep, I never get enough of it.
10. Piercings.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
Addictions? That's a serious word so I'll try and be serious.

1. Sex
2. Hanging with the Guys
3. Hanging with the Family
4. Playing PS2 and Computer Games
5. Achohol
6. Da weed but only with #2
7. at work


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
1: Girls (I can't go too long, say more than a few hours, without attention from girls... or I will feel unwanted)
2: The phone (I am on the phone, either talking or text messaging, almost constantly)
3: Sleep (I don't get enough of it! I always need more more more!)