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in trouble with the law again


all right so yesti i was walkin home from the library (dont laugh i was studyin) and some punk thinks i will be an easy "mark" to rob. so im walkin down this ally i take as a shortcut to get home and, as i walk out this punk smashes into me and tries to grab ma wallet (tho he only got ma mobile but that was bad enough) and run off. but i grabed the little punk around the neck and gave him a punch in the kidneys(hopefully he will be pissin blood for a while lol)and pushed him to tha ground, then i gave him a few kicks in the guts for good measure. but while all this was hapnin a police officer had decided that he'l pull over and arrest somebody. so him and his partner get out and push me (not gently) onto the hood of their cruiser and cuff me. while all this was hapaning the little punk had managed to get up and try to limp away but fortunatly one of da copers grabed the little punk and cuffed him to. so like 4 hours later im sitting in the police lockup waitin(actually this was allrite ive been one for a lot longer lol)then finally a copper comes and lets me out. what had happened was a witness had come forward and told em that the little punk had tried to mug me. so yeah i got a ride back to my place and a fuzzy felling inside that i had taught another little delinquent a lesson lol :D then the next day i get a letter about wanting to press charges or some shit like that, but i thought i had taught that little punk a good enough lesson lol


This is NOT an issue, read the forum descriptions before you post next time.

Moving to Life Sucks...


What funky shit are you smoking? You should take a break so that people can actually understand you. Speak in english, not punk-ass.
At least that punk got what he deserved. Anything done to you afterward means nothing. A person has the right to defend his/her property.


The Destroyer Of All

You should've killed the loser faggots..

And then some cops while you were at it...

Good job for kicking ass, but you suck for incompletion...
haha wow

Wow, that was a good story. I'm serious, I thought it was funny.

But seriously, what happened to the little mugger? Is he pressing charges for assault and battery? If he is mail him a photo of a kidney and say "Next time you'll be missing one of these.":D