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so i am looking around for a cheapo computer to set up as a workstation and for some lan games when i have a friend over. not really looking for anythign special. so i am talking about it with a friend of mne and my other friend is there and hes like "yeah i got a computer im sick of looking at it come take it away." so i go check it out. cdrom and cd burner, vid card and p3. hes like well i was going to sell it to someone a while ago for 50 but they never came back so 35 for you bud. ok deal. i get this thing home and i cant believe it.

heres the specs on my $35 box...

512 pc133 RAM
20 gig HDD
64mb AGP GeForce 2 mx 200
48X cdrom and a 12X burner
and one extra exuast fan.

what a deal... :D


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actually that's pretty damn good. if you wanted to host games i'd recommend throwing a new hdd in there and you're set (you can get an 80 gig 7200 RPM Western Diggie for about 45-50 bucks...i'd say it's worth that). Other than that: a p3 can easily host games (speaking from experience) and who gives a shit about the graphics card in the dedicated doesnt really help anything. definitely a good deal bro.


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If it does not have a Via chipset in there, slap in a Radeon 9550.

Via Chipset + 9600/9550 = LOCKUP HELL!