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Indeed, life sucks.


Destroyer of Worlds
It all started a week ago or something like that, I started to get a little pissed on my friend (we can call him Mr L) that I known since we were stupid little kids with no intelligence at all. Because he's allways the best, and I mean always ALWAYS. And he is always the greatest, most good-looking, popular, getting all the chicks, having the most money, having most and best equipment and so on. He's always the guy with the cred and the contacts, he's just so fucking perfect!

He's bigger (not older), probaly stronger and he says things like "If I have been in that girl, you must NOT be in he too. Ever". Which stops me from fucking quite many really hot chicks. And he's getting the chicks that are older then us too, which leaves me to the girls that are younger.

There I got quite a problem too, because always when I got a girlfriend chicks are on me everywere and they wants me to fuck them all. And then I got a girlfriend! and when it ends with me girlfriend all the chicks and bitches changes their minds.

Most of the girls that wants me are younger then me and therefor I was knowed as "Pedophilo" (now a other guy has got that name instead). Mr L was the one who "made" me Mr Pedophilo and everyone started to do that too. And last week I was fingerbanging a two year younger girl, and she thinks that we are a couple! (I'll probly rip her fucking head off someday...) And in the middle of this I think I have falled in love in one of my girls in my class. And then i struck me that she's maybe a lesbian.

That was my problems for this time, I'm so goddamn happy to find this site so I could get all this shit out because I can't talk to anyone I know about this.
He he, that is why it´s much better to be a loser. No girlfriend, no worries!

Mor din.


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im going off getting a girlfriend for a while...they always piss me off im tired of them and there just too much work


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i really have no idea what to say to your "problems"


Destroyer of Worlds
Well, maybe I'm just a whiny little bitch. But it was really fuckin nice to write all the shit down so people could read it, it made me feel alot better. So spank you all! now I'm gonna find some threads were I can spread my opinion and wisdom...mowhahahaha!


you got to stop letting your weiner do the talking

girlfriends and boyfriends cause trouble. its that simple. when you take your time being confused about them you cant grow as a person which sucks. i constantly have this problem, i end up liking like 50 guys at once until my heade xplodes. i make stupid mistakes all the time based on my "feelings". what a dick i am. also, love isnt real, its something the tv people made up.