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Im thinking of making an Indie Films one of these days.

Im learning vegas video, I have 2 years of taking audio visual courses at a community college in the San Francisco area.

I think the SF Acadamy of Art is a big joke and waste of money. I can learn everything they teach on their computers at home.

This summer im going to study 3D Studio max. I already been messing with it for about 3 years and know about all the effects it can create but Im going to learn how to Character Model, Bone and rig for animation.

I would also like to get a Macintosh and Final Cut Pro because its real time rendering and saves thousands of hours of editing vs the Vegas Video i use on my PC.

Just wondering if anyone here has done any serious Film production work and what kind of Film or Process they used in their film making.

And no im not talking about home movies and MS Movie maker.

Everything in the next 10 years will go Digital. Lucas films wants to get rid of 35mm because its too expensive and wears out to fast. But the technology of Digital is not there yet. Right now the most expensive Digital Cameras (Huge cameras that need crains to operate) are 2 million digi spec pixalation. 35mm cameras are 12 Million silver/gold spec pixalation.

in 5 years they expect to to more then double so it will be alot closer to the real deal.

Also those million dollar cameras will be more affordable and of course smaller. In 10 years video camerea will have the same resolution as true 35mm for the consumers.

Right now one can process a high end Digi 3cc camera (About 2500 bucks) onto film at 400 bucks a minute. thats about 35-40 thousand dollars for a 90 minute movie transfered on 35mm. Its to much for me to invest right now. But hopefully within 5 years all Theatres will start going digital technology and it will be alot easier to show low budget films in.

I plan on investing in a this..


Sony DSR-PDX10 Camera

Sony’s newest DVCAM camcorder introduction, the DSR-PDX10 proves the old adage that, “Good things come in small packages”. This small, yet very capable camcorder is chock full of features that today’s professionals have come to expect from Sony.

The DSR-PDX10 offers a 3 CCD-mega pixel camera system that provides superb picture quality, with a high sensitivity and low vertical smear. It’s compact design and sophisticated features, such as MPEG Movie function and a USB port offers an innovation to your shooting styles and productions.

Two scanning modes are offered: Interlaced for video (530 horizontal lines, 40min in DVCAM mode, 60min in DV (SP) mode) Progressive for stills (1152x864) An innovative Memory Stick media capability is built-in to allow pre-recorded DVCAM/DV video to be edited within the camera directly to the Memory Stick. Up to 85 minutes of MPEG-1 movie can be recorded to a MSA-128A Memory Stick


Ultra Mega
i'm a film major in my third year, and i've been making low-budget movies with friends for around 11 years now. when i get out of the air force i'm seriously considering making it into my career

my advice to you is to start cheap. you don't need to splurge on an expensive camera and the mac with the software when you can do an adequate beginning job with much less money, then work up as your experience grows. also try to use your school's equipment before buying *anything*