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Discuss Inevitable Civil War or...


Rey de Currumpaw
What about a hand gun that shoots swords? :eek:
What about a gentleman's agreement to just arm wrestle? :rolleyes:

Your country could be headed to a civil war to decide whether or not to leave or rejoin the European Union, but most likely not. War is the most expensive way to do anything.

As for censorship and freedom of speech, some profanity, nudity, and sexual acts are censored from the public air waves and other public forums. Even some forms of private communication, such as images of child porn and bestiality, are banned outright. Without some censorship, civilization would be much less civilized. Consider also that all this new "censorship" is occurring on the internet. Thirty years ago there virtually was no internet and no one was talking about civil war because they found it difficult to spread hate and disinformation.

The guy in the OP's video is a tool. There, I used my freedom of speech to write that.

This is the sort of work around that makes the limitations of speech possible. This kind of 60's-esque interpretation of speech as expression. While I'm of the opinion that profanity should never be censored in any form in any forum... I do recognize that it exists. And it saddens me.

We have sort of (in the US) taken the term "Freedom of Speech" to mean an all encompassing term that describes the 1st amendment. We don't refer to protest as "The right to redress of grievances" we simply refer to it as freedom of speech. We don't argue about if or not the 10 commandments should or shouldn't be displayed in public forums as a matter of the "respect or prohibition of the exercise of religion" we simply refer to it as free speech.

That being understood we can look at some of the instances you provided (barring of course profanity) and see that its not at all a free speech issue or 1st amendment issue. The possession and distribution of exploitative materials is a protection of individual liberty and more a protection of the fourth amendment for those persons that would be exploited.

The notion that people are talking about impending civil war because of an inability to spread hate and disinformation is wildly narrow minded. Which is oddly the crux of the notion. Points of view are not being censored because they are hateful necessarily, but rather because they are counter to some weird sort of academic cultural Marxism that is witnessing the crash of western civilization (IE: The abandonment of the pursuit of personal responsibility, Liberty and self determination). It should be troubling to everyone when the conversation about the direction of culture and society is deemed settled by people with arbitrary power to decide the matter has been settled. And it should be even more troubling when this same group who thrives on some double think style of playcating to the marginalized while marginalizing any and all opposition to their hastily strung together incoherent ideology.

Its not that Jim Bob can't get on Youtube and talk about the Klan, Its that Ranesh, Javonte, Maria and David are automatically considered to be Jim Bob the Klansman without investigating their ideas or giving their beliefs any sense of value. Thats when people decide to go to war.