Innocently Experienced


Angel of Death
Seattle rain drops
South Dakota blizzards
A cool combination to make
the most beautiful weather to dance under.

A big city guy, with a big city attitude
A small town girl, with a Big city mouth
all dressed in black, all confused inside.
What a funny way for to hearts to mix

Experienced in all the wrongs ways, tainted in his own right.
Innocent and pure, yet she scared in everyway imaginable.
What a way to grow up a little fast to be young.

Uneducated, unheard of street smart boy,
Uncontrollable, untamed, unimaginably angry Angel...
How does the cool ocean breeze
meet the fiery storm.......and calm down?

Two lovers so much the same,
so tainted, so delightfully divine.
Finger interlaced and lips pressed against each others
hearts so full of love, eyes so dreamy
and everything for just one instant…….