Inspired by a man

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Miss Leo

~~~~~*~º With tender and extravagant delight º~*~~~~~

Watching you, over me Eyes heavy-lidded, vibrant with lust and magic Sweat trickling over our skin like raindrops rolling down a clear pane of glass Locked into primordial rhythms more eloquent than words could ever be Staring into your eyes, Glorious fire, raging, painful in its splendour Clasped together, bound inexorably like thunder to lightning Stretching the moment beyond all concept of time, Spinning headlong through light-years of passion In a single beat of the heart. Watching you, over me, Marking the bright light of your love streaming through the stained-glass colour of your eyes, Face contorting in the sweet grimace of release, And I marvel at those giddy, childlike notions I once had of what lovemaking would be, Trampled and sullied by sad years and poor choices into simple romantic twaddle, And yet, here they are, emerging, half-believed fairy tales, You-my-Angel breathing fire, Me melting in ecstacy, Myths made real.
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