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Intel vs AMD / Nvidia vs ATI

I'm thinking of buying a very good gaming computer, and have heard many things concerning these cards about gaming. Of course, these opinions have been biased. Is there any real distinction in the processors or graphics cards that make them better than the other one for graphics intensive games? If so, which ones excell in which fields, etc.
i'm not sure, but i hear that amd athalon 64 and nvidia 6800 will make a good combination :thumbsup: or you can just buy an alienware.


Hella Constipated
The Athlon 64 as of right now is the best gaming CPU, and for the money ATi's Radeon X800 XL is the best deal.

For balls out, ass-kicking performance though, an nVidia 6800 SLi solution is unbeatable.

Dull_Bullet said:
or you can just buy an alienware.
Those aren't as fast as a competitively priced system from most other manufacturers, and they aren't very reliable. As of late, Abit has gone downhill, and they supply Alienware with their motherboards.

In fact, my friend's Alienware's Abit popped and died the third day he got it, and he's still awaiting replacement.

Also, their new case that they introduced to replace their Antec case back from 2002 has a myriad of heat issues, everything from poor conductivity to nasty airflow. Fortunately, it's not enough to impair operation...

My other "friend's" Alienware was like a Kenmore Space Heater at the LAN party, and I swear my leg was about to fall off :(.

He has a 3.2 P4 and a 9800XT in his, it's an older unit, but much more reliable than their new ones.

Personally I use Chaintech and Asus boards, and a Gigabyte here and there.


I'm partial to AMD and Nvidia. For processors, AMD's 64 series is the best performance for it's price range. They consistently come out on top in gaming benchmarks. I wouldn't go with an Intel unless you do a lot of media encoding.

As far as graphics cards go, there's really no better company right now. It's mostly personal preference. If you're looking for top of the line card, check out the ATI X850XT and the Nvidia 6800GT.


Hella Constipated
Junglizm said:
You get the same amount of performance for less with the X800 XL! Also, the XL is only $300, usually around $280.

Oh, and it can be passively cooled.


Descent said:
You get the same amount of performance for less with the X800 XL! Also, the XL is only $300, usually around $280.

Oh, and it can be passively cooled.
I'm sure Jung knows that, hence why he said "IF you're looking for TOP OF THE LINE card..."

And you do not get the same amount of performance, you get a percentage of it. It falls off in higher-res/aa/af settings when compared to the X850XT. But the Best Bang-per-buck is the GF 6800 GT / ATI X800 XL realm, depending on connectors (AGP / PCI-Express). I think MWave has the X800 XL PCI-Express for around $250.