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Self realization means that we have been consiously connected with our source of being. Once we have made this connection then nothing can go wrong.

Intention: Everything in the universe has intention built into it. This is true for all life forms. A mosquito has intent built into its creation and life experience. An acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future contains intention. If you cut the acorn open you wont see a giant oak tree but you know its there.

An apple blossom has the intent to manifest itself as an apple. Nature progresses in harmony from the field of intention. In the moment of our conception life in physical form begins and intention directs the growth process.

The intention of this universe is manifested in every part of you, your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, intention determines everything in the universe and is omnipresent yet many of us still feel disconnected from the world we live in. Activating your own personal intention means joining yourself with a source higher than yourself, attaining a level of awareness where previously inconcievable things become available to you readily.

When you make a bow to your higher power you will recognize you are bowing to yourself because God is the universe and God is in you and so you are an integral part of the universe and you will find lifes energies pulsing through you with your lifes intentions. Your purpose exists in you and you are connected to all that God is and his intentions for you will flow freely from God through you.

We lose sight of our intent or purpose when we lose our connection with our awareness. We become distracted by our egos and the dailyness of life. Discipline requires the training of your body to perform as your thoughts desire and by eliminating ego. This can be done by staying connected to your purpose and awareness, by climbing above your ego and self serving thoughts, by remaining aware of your presence and how you conduct yourself.

Wisdom combined with discipline fosters your ability to focus and be patient as you harmonize your thoughts, your intellect and your emotions with the direction your body takes. Its a mastery that takes work and diligence and you will fail often but one day you will find it has become your way of life, who you are, what you have become, and where your life will lead you.

Love above all else will direct your intent and purpose. It defines your immediate state of being and causes a softening of the ego. In itself it is your greatest tool and offering of yourself and if offered freely will give you your most satisfying and immediate results. If you let love guide you your path will be straight as an arrow because its intent is selfless and egoless.

You have to surrender yourself to being carried by your own intent, in other words, dont let yourself get in the way. Dont let your ego or false pride be your guide, and dont allow yourself to be distracted by someone or something that lays roadblocks in your path. You can avoid these traps by being aware of your own desires and act accordingly. Be true to your higher self. Be true to your loving self.

We all have the potential to be a life altering influence for the unfortunate, sick, dying, lost, struggling, and damaged souls that inhabit our Earth. The question is, what do you want to be ? What is your intent for this powerful source of energy that you have before you. You have the ability to act and wield great forces for the good of mankind.



Banned - What an Asshat!
Interesting. well written, a few sentances that go on for ever, but otherwise good. I would have to say that I dont agree with the concept, that human intention is pre-determined, because I believe that free will is stronger than fate . But, a nice read!
No I dont believe that intention is pre-determined at all, in fact the opposite. I believe we choose our intention. I spent much of my life thinking things just happened, but when I realized the choices I that I was making determined my immediate or distant future my life changed forever !

I am now in control of this ship and my intentions detemine where I will steer it. Very liberating ! The whole point is you choose the life you lead, and although things will just happen, how you choose to react will alter the outcome.

And thanks !