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Internet Bullies


To the Fucktard list!
Perhaps the STUPIDEST form of bullying, yet a bunch of kid-lovin' adults like Dr. Phil seem to think it's bad.

Hey. Guess what.

stupiddude112 is sending you an IM!
Will you accept?

stupiddude112: HI FUCKHOLE LOLZ
Den: What do you want?
stupiddude112: I NO U IRL LOLZ
Den: Who is this?
stupiddude112: U SUK im BRAN
Den: Brian?
stupiddude112: YEH
Den: Bye.

*logs off*

Wow, I was bullied! Big fucking deal! Unlike in real life, I have the ability to simply TURN THE PERSON OFF. What the fuck is so wrong with internet bullying? Atleast in internet bullying you don't get your front teeth knocked out, or get suspended. Bulllllllssssshhhhhhit.


Funnier than a 5th grader
Unforgiven said:
Hit it with a spatula.
I would but we had fish tonight and it has fish juice on it.

The little fucker won't go away.

I'm going to bed anyway. I'll let it live...for now.


Well, back on topic, I think the reason people believe internet bullying is so "bad" has little to do with the effects it may have on the victim but rather the message board, chatroom, or IM service, whatever the case may be. I know that I, and I'm sure others, have stopped using certain chatrooms, message boards, and IM services simpily because there was so much internet bullying or flaming. I think it is more of an attempt to protect the various communication systems, not necessarily any form of percieved victim.