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Intresting in Selfpublishing?


Angel of Death
Before you as an amateur writer gets excited about this I want you to remember not only the plus side of self publishing but the downside. The upside is that you are getting your work out there and have complete control over what you as a writer get to published.

Downside, is most traditional publishers won’t touch a story that they lose first publishing rights on. You will also be the sole person, writing, marketing and selling your books. Why this is great for poetry, flash and short stories writers who have a hard time getting things published, it is probably not a good venture to go on for a serious Novel writer. Unless your book does extremely well I would not mention it as being a published piece to future publisher.

Anyways as with everything dealing with getting published please use caution. There is a website called lulu,, that does self publishing and has refined it to work better for independent authors. The great thing about lulu is it publishes on demand. So as someone buys your book they publish a copy of it and pay you the royalties taking out a small portion for publishing cost. There are also downloadable version of the book as well for a small fee for people who would like to buy it that way.

As people order and buy the book a part of that money comes back to you. You also do not have to worry about piles of books laying around. Also lets say you order 50 books in advance, you cut your publishing cost in half and get part of that money back and would not have to struggle to remake your publishing cost as it already taken out of the sales of the book. Other positive side is it helps keep your book affordable. All over the writing community there is a good buzz about this.

The BBC did an article,, on it and I am sure if you “googled” it you would be able to find a few more.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Self Publishing or Vanity publishing cost money to start up. I have not looked into lulu very much, but author house costs quite a bit. However, I know o ftwo authors who went this route, took the time and the start up money to publish and market thier book who are enjoying thier sales. It is not an easy venue, however, and almost impossible to get on any literary magazines reading list, and you have to have the money to get started.