Headlines Iraq Mediator Positive on Talks to Free 7 Drivers


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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An Iraqi tribal sheikh trying to win the release of seven foreign drivers held hostage in Iraq said he would meet a representative from their employer on Saturday and expected a "positive outcome" on reaching a deal.

"I expect a positive outcome and that we will reach an agreement," Dulaymi said, adding one issue to be discussed would be financial compensation for families in Falluja who had lost relatives in U.S. air strikes on the rebellious city.

Dozens of foreign hostages have been seized in recent months, most of them truck drivers working for foreign companies delivering supplies to U.S. forces or Iraqi companies. At least eight hostages have been killed -- four have been beheaded.


Dulaymi said the kidnappers' main demand was compensation for people in Falluja, a city west of Baghdad where he also lives. The kidnappers have previously said they wanted the Kuwaiti firm to pull out of Iraq.

He declined to say how much money the kidnappers wanted.

"Compensation is legitimate and they (kidnappers) are asking for this money for the sake of children and women so it's a humanitarian demand," he said.

Dulaymi is the head of Iraq's biggest tribal grouping and said he had acted as mediator in freeing other hostages in Iraq, including three Japanese who were released in April and two Russians who were freed the following month.

In the case of the Russians, he said the kidnappers were confused and thought the men were Americans.

He said his status in Iraq helped him mediate. "Iraq is a tribal society and we as head of tribes are regarded with respect," he said.

Hope Dulaymi has plenty of money, because once he starts paying them, that's the beginning of the end...
He won't be saying "Compensation is legitimate" when they take more and more hostages...



I really did.
Fuck ya, you're right. No negotiations, it will never stop. You can't feed into the fire to stop a blaze. All these people are doing is supplying is the wind to blow it along further. It really sucks that people are dying and I do believe we need to bail out of the war, but until we do we can not cooperate with these people.