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Headlines Iraq Postpones Key Step on Road to Democracy


Seeker of Truth
Fouad Massoum, chairman of the preparatory committee of Iraq's national conference, addresses a joint news conference in the capital Baghdad, July 29, 2004. A major political conference to chart Iraq's path to democracy has been postponed until August 15 under pressure from the United Nations, raising concerns that elections planned for early next year might also be delayed.


As long as the U.S. is in Iraq, attempts to form a government will be hindered or shutdown altogether.

The only way to stabilize the situation is if the U.S. leaves Iraq, and a Muslim based peace keeping force is installed there.


I really did.
Hasn't it been everytime we have established a government, or a military in some hostile nation, it has backfired against us? We can't force beliefs on someone who doesn't like them. I agree with you, the only people that can help them from here on out, is themselves.


didn't we re-establish a government in Japan and a part of Germany...The turned out alright for the most part but I guess they wern't exactly hostile...