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Headlines Iraqi Soldiers Donate to Katrina Victims


Angel of Death
Iraqi Soldiers Donate to Katrina Victims
Iraqi soldiers collected 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars for victims of Hurricane Katrina

By Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq
TAJI, Iraq, Sept. 9, 2005 — Iraqi soldiers serving at Taji military base collected 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil, Iraqi base commander, presented the money to U.S. Col. Paul D. Linkenhoker, Taji Coalition base commander, at a Sept. 5 staff meeting.

"We are all brothers. When one suffers tragedy, we all suffer their pain."
Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil

“We are all brothers,” said Abbas. “When one suffers tragedy, we all suffer their pain.”

The amount of money is small in American dollars - roughly $680 - but it represents a huge act of compassion from Iraqi soldiers to their American counterparts, said U.S. Army Maj. Michael Goyne.

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of their generosity,” Goyne said. “I was proud and happy to know Col. Abbas, his officers, NCOs and fellow soldiers. That amount represents a month’s salary for most of those soldiers.”

Abbas read a letter he wrote after giving the envelope to Linkenhoker.

"I am Colonel Abbas Fadhil; Tadji Military Base Commander,” Abbas wrote. “On behalf of myself and all the People of Tadji Military Base; I would like to console the American People and Government for getting this horrible disaster. So we would like to donate 1.000.000 Iraqi Dinars to help the government and the People also I would like to console all the ASTs who helped us rebuilding our country and our Army. We appreciate the American's help and support. Thank you."

Wow, didn't hear much about this?
it is a plot to sneak chemical weapons into the US on the money /sarcasm.

it is not something bush wants us to know about.
This is the kind of good news that gets buried in the middle of the paper so that people continue to buy into the "everything's horrible and all Iraqis should die" theory.


some guy with no life

That is the truble with the papers, all they care about is SALES! needless to say the papers are pointless and irritaing. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT NORTH KOREA BLOWN UP BY LARGE MISSILE, SOUTH KOREA REJOICES! *whisper* o yeah Iraqi troops donate to American tragidy. reporters are ignorant and should be shot. for gods sake they are down there complaning about the smell of death in front of a home, with no reagard of the famly of the people who lived there!