IRC Chatroom Setup Tutorials (PC, Mobile, Web)

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OK I'm going to attempt to provide you people with a tutorial on setting up mIRC to join the chat channel on the EFNet IRC network. (These instructions will also work for other chatrooms/channels, simply by replacing "" with your other channel name.)

I'll start out with instructions on just getting connected and into the chatroom, and then I'll add some tips to make using mIRC smoother and easier.

So, to start, you have to have the install file, which you can download from this location.

The installation is very simple. Start by running the install file that you downloaded.

Click the "Next" button, then click the "I agree" button. Click "Next" again, and again.

Now you can either leave these settings as they are, or change them as you see fit. Personally I deselected the first and third options. Click OK.


Now click the "Install" button, and wait for the install process to finish. Once it's done, just click the "Finish" button, and mIRC is ready to go!

Also, before I forget, I'll mention this: mIRC is "shareware", and you never have to pay for it. After a certain period of time (I think a month), mIRC will show a request for donations every time you open it. The "Continue" button will initially be grayed out, but after a few seconds it will become active, and you can click it. Then, guess what happens! It asks you again! But you simply have to wait a few more seconds, and the "Continue" button will become active again, and when you click it, the program will open.

Basic Setup
Anyways, down to the serious stuff. Let's get you connected!

mIRC does not automatically run after installation, so now you have to find the shortcut and open the program. It should be under your Start button, "Programs" menu. You should find an "mIRC" folder somewhere in there, where you'll find the "mIRC" program shortcut.

The first time you open it, it will show the following screen.


Simply click the "Continue" button, and the smaller box will disappear. Now here comes the fun part.

Click the "File" menu, and then click "Select server..." The following box will come up.


As shown in the image, find the "EFNet" folder, and open it by double clicking on it. Then find one of the two "Random server" options and click on it. Then click the "Select" button towards the bottom-right of that box, and it will flip to the next set of options.


In the "Full Name" field you'll enter a name, which doesn't have to be your real name. As far as I know, there has to be something in this field. It could be your forum name.

There also has to be something in the "Email Address" field. I've entered my forum address, personally, but I've been told that this can be a fake address.

The "Nickname" you choose is your screenname in chat. Try to pick something that would be unique. There's simply a higher chance of it being available. And of course the "Alternative" field is a secondary screenname, in case your primary choice is already in use.

Once those fields are filled, click the "Connect" button, and mIRC will connect to an EFNet server. Once connected, the following box will come up.


As shown in the above image, type "" (UPDATE AUG 2013: #wtfcom) into the text box under "Enter a channel name and click join". Then click the "Join" button beside that box.

You will now be connected to the channel. Start talkin'! Or not. Whatever you feel like!

So that's the basics. If you want to make mIRC easier to use and such, keep reading.

First, you'll probably want to make it easy to come back to the channel. So we'll add it to your "favorites" list.


Click the "Favorites" menu, and then click "Organize Favorites". The "mIRC Favorites" box (same as last image) will come up. Seeing as you just installed mIRC for the chat, you probably won't need any of the channels in the list. If you want to delete 'em all, just click on the top one, scroll to the bottom, hold the shift key, and click on the bottom one. Then click the "Delete" button on the right side, and they will all disappear!

Deselect the "Pop up favorites on connect" option at the bottom of the box.

Now click the "Add" button.


Enter "" (UPDATE AUG 2013: #wtfcom) in the "Channel" field, as shown. Select the "Join on connect" option in the right side, and then click the "OK" button.

Click the "OK" button in the "mIRC Favorites" box, and you're set.

Advanced Settings
Now I'll just walk you through a bunch of settings. Seeing as I just reinstalled mIRC myself, I'll know exactly what settings need to be changed to make mIRC easy to use. You can pick which of these you want or don't want to use. If you aren't sure what it is, just take my suggestion. :p

First, click the "Tools" menu, and right at the bottom, click "Options".


In the left side, as shown above, find "Connect", and then "Options". Then select the top option ("Connect on startup"), and deselect the third option ("Pop up connect dialog on startup").


Now, as shown in this image, click on "IRC" in the left side. Select the fourth option from the bottom, "Rejoin channel when kicked".


In the left side, open the "IRC" tree, and click "Options". In the middle, under "Flash on message", select the first option, "Channel".


As above, under "IRC" on the left, click on "Messages". Select the top option, "Timestamp events".


Click "Sounds" in the left side, and make sure "Enable sounds" is selected. Click the dropdown box (that says "Query" in the above image), and click on "Query". Click the huge button below that (that says "Beep" in the image"), and it will switch to saying "Beep". If you want to choose a custom sound, click it again, and then surf to where your sound file(s) is/are located to select a sound.


As above, open the "Display" tree on the left, and click "Options". Click the "Tray" button in the right side, and the next box will come up.


Deselect the third option, "Place mIRC in tray when minimized". Select the last option, "Single click on tray icon to open". Then click "OK".

And finally, at the bottom of the "mIRC Options" box (which we've been working in this whole time), click the "OK" button.

You should now be set up nicely for ease of use with mIRC! When you start the program and click the initial "Continue" button, mIRC will automatically connect to an EFNet server, and then automatically connect to the channel. It should flash the taskbar button for mIRC if you are using another program when there is activity in an open room, and it should notify you by a sound when someone sends you a "private message", or "Query". If/when you get kicked from a channel, it will automatically reconnect you. Unless, of course, you were also banned.

I hope this has helped! If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them in the Feedback & Suggestions forum here on the site.

Good luck!
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This is a guide to setup IRC (chat) on your Android powered device. Please follow these steps carefully, as missing a step or skipping a step can force you to start over again.

Download AndroIRC to your device from the link or the marketplace.

1. Tap the menu key on your device and you will be given a list of options, tap server.
2. Tap menu again and select new server.
3. Insert the following information into the slots provided:

Name: HE
nickname: what ever you want your join nick to be
Alt. Nick on join(if yours is already in use)​

(please add a ident. that your mobile)
check: Auto-join channel​
4. Tap the back button.
5. Tap the back button again.
6. Tap Channels, select HE.
7. Tap menu, add a channel and input channel name ( (UPDATE AUG 2013: #wtfcom) (there is no key)
8. Tap the back button until the server list appears, and find "HE" in the list and tap to connect.

Congratulations you have setup AndroIRC on your Android powered device!
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If your Android is like mine, you'll take the following path for steps one and two:

More > Options > Servers > Menu > New Server

(please add a ident. that your mobile)

Aside from the slightly different initial steps, your tutorial went off without a hitch. Thank you.

I don't get the Ident thing though (yes, I'm a n00b). What should I put there?


Is there any way to configure Mirc to open in the right corner of my screen instead of the left? The program itself opens in the center of my screen, that is all fine and dandy. When I enter a chat room it automatically opens the chat room directly into the left top corner. I would like it to open in the top right corner every time. I am an anal fuck with how I keep my regular windows open and where they are. I am lazy and I find it a hassle to drag the window over to the right every time I open mirc. Every google search on this brings up shit that has nothing to do with what I am asking.

Just an answer update, I stumbled across it with an accidental click the other night.

Once you have your chat window exactly where you want it. If you right click the top border of the chat window itself you get a menu pop down. Go down to Position, and select save. It will now open the window in that spot.
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To simplify life for some of you YAE-hoos, if mIRC just isn't your cup-o-tea, here is an 'easy' and quick way to irc. It's convenient for any computer with a Chrome Browser:

Google Market search this below. Then fill in the fields exactly how i do in the second picture. If it does not auto join you to #wtfcom then simply type /join #wtfcom come fucking join

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 3.29.16 PM.png Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 3.24.49 PM.png
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Ident merely allows you to speciffically be banned. Since IRC works the way it does, this is an easy way for user identification. Basically you just need something of a personal identifer. IIRC, in IRC you can 'ping' other users and see their ident.


Baba Yaga
I dent is a protocol that runs on port 113. Its purpose is to identify you to the network. Many irc clients have their own ident server built in. Enable it if you can. But many networks don't require it.



Another easy IRC client for you peeps! This one works right in your browser tab!

Below are some super simple instructions REMEMBER this opens a tab in your downloads needed.

Also, I don't know if there is some issue embedding a client here...but if not here is the embed page for kiwi.



I'm responding here to bring attention to the IRC setup in the recent posts box. Also here's an easy one:

1. select your proper OS downloadable
2. Install
3. Run
4. Enter These Settings: (select eFnet server and set your primary and alternative usernames)
5. Add the WTF channel: #wtfcom (dont forget the #)
6. Enjoy you lucky bastard!!
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