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IRC moments


<The_CIA> Dood the new chick at starbucks is hot
<The_CIA> super hot
<The_CIA> these girls at SB all have a thing for me
<The_CIA> now she's starting
<TheDEA> :D
<TheDEA> go mark
<TheDEA> the chicks at the sb here are gross i dont go there often
<TheDEA> now the one a carabue are hot
<TheDEA> 0o0o0
<The_CIA> there are a couple that are not too hot
<TheDEA> maybe i should ask one of them out
<The_CIA> but there are 4 of them thaht are amazing
<TheDEA> bring the digi cam and ask for a pic w/ them
<TheDEA> and post it on enmedia
<The_CIA> The new one is this hot italian girl (looks like a model) tall beautiful breasts, nice ass. Long brown hair
<The_CIA> Sweeet
<The_CIA> problem is She's 18
<TheDEA> ur point is?
<The_CIA> but she's practically throwing he self @ me
<TheDEA> thats leagel
<TheDEA> and ur gf is into the 3 some thing
<The_CIA> there ya go
<The_CIA> otherwise im sunk
<TheDEA> lol
<The_CIA> *think mark think*
<TheDEA> ask if she is intersted (ur gf)
<The_CIA> I'm sure she would be
<TheDEA> and if so then ask the SB chick
<The_CIA> I'm know she would be
<The_CIA> this girl is her type
<The_CIA> this girl is her type
<TheDEA> well there u go
<The_CIA> I dont know about the SB chick though
<TheDEA> ask the SB chick if she is down
<TheDEA> dosent hurt to ask
<TheDEA> the worst answer is no
<TheDEA> so what do u have to lose
<The_CIA> She told me she's geting a piercing
<TheDEA> :O
<TheDEA> :D
<TheDEA> hehe
<TheDEA> o0o0o lala
<The_CIA> She's getting one of those with the nipples pierced and the little chain between it
<The_CIA> drool
<TheDEA> wheres the leash
<The_CIA> brb
<TheDEA> lol
* The_CIA goes to the mens room
<TheDEA> hahahaha
<TheDEA> rubbin one out mark


Dude..(DEA) I dont mean to be a smartass,but, I must.
...and for that I am..Th-th...thorry.

But, WTF is a "molment"?


gehtfuct said:
Dude..(DEA) I dont mean to be a smartass,but, I must.
...and for that I am..Th-th...thorry.

But, WTF is a "molment"?
it was a slip of the keys its susposed to be moment


*** MaxPower has joined
<MaxPower> yo D
<TheDEA> you
<TheDEA> yo
<TheDEA> :O max?
<MaxPower> dood
<MaxPower> Funny developement @ starbucks
<MaxPower> That girl I said had a major thing for me?
<MaxPower> Yesterday she introduced me to her mother.
<TheDEA> :O
<TheDEA> :D
<TheDEA> is that a bad thing?
<TheDEA> hmmmm
<TheDEA> rofl
<MaxPower> She was all like, "Mom, Mom, this is that guy mark I told you about!"
<TheDEA> does she know that ur taken?
<MaxPower> "Oh, I've heard so much about you"
<MaxPower> yes, she knows
<TheDEA> ahhhhahahahahahahaha
<TheDEA> well what does your gf say?
<TheDEA> yay or nay
<MaxPower> I made sure she did, But apparently thahts irrelevant
<TheDEA> lol
<MaxPower> didn't go there
<TheDEA> y not?
<MaxPower> The girl is young
<TheDEA> like what 18
<MaxPower> young girls tend to geht attached and shit
<MaxPower> ya 18
<TheDEA> fuck the life outta her and maybe she wont like u anymore
<MaxPower> lol
<TheDEA> hey man its happend to me
<TheDEA> or they want more
<TheDEA> hmmmm
<MaxPower> exactly
<TheDEA> thats a big pickle
<MaxPower> Ever do it with twins?
<TheDEA> hehe stick it in her ass
<TheDEA> hmmm twins
<MaxPower> I did.
<TheDEA> ill have to try that
<TheDEA> sounda like fum
<TheDEA> sounda like fum
<MaxPower> well, didn't "Do It" because I was like 14 and they were 16.
<TheDEA> u watched!
<MaxPower> Had no Idea what I was doing at the time.
<TheDEA> i envy u
<MaxPower> But we fooled around frequently till they moved
<TheDEA> awwww
<TheDEA> why did they move
<MaxPower> Now I'm like "Damn! If I knew where they were now I could impress them!@"
<TheDEA> hehe
<MaxPower> their rents bought a new house
<TheDEA> the i dident know u could do hat face is a classic
<MaxPower> huh?
<TheDEA> hat=that
<MaxPower> lol
<TheDEA> the combo :O and :D
<TheDEA> i love it
<MaxPower> :{|)
<MaxPower> mammy
<MaxPower> al jolsen


<MaxPower> Fuck, I gotta go meat one of the owners of th company and have her sign some checks
<MaxPower> lol
<MaxPower> guess where she said to meet her.
<MaxPower> Starbucks
<MaxPower> lol
<MaxPower> oops (go meet not meat)
<MaxPower> BBL
<TheDEA> roflmao
<MaxPower> hi deus
<MaxPower> hi
<MaxPower> how are you?
<MaxPower> fine
<MaxPower> and you?
<MaxPower> fine
<deusexmac> lol hi max
ahh i remember that