Is he just leading me on?!?


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GAAHHHH!!! I am so fucking pissed right now...I dont know whether this guy is just leading me on or he really likes me. He gives plenty signs sometimes that he does but not really when this other bitch is around. He used to go out with her, but not anymore...but shes attached to him like a freaking magnet!!! I swear its ridiculous!!! Whenever all of us are together, and jamie (the girls name) is there shes ALWAYS by antonios (the guys name) side!!! Shes an obnoxious, loud, bitchy girl too!! shes so unfriendly so i dont know why the hell antonio likes her so much! I really like him too, so of course I flirt back with him when he flirts with me...but thats usually only when jamie is not there. wtf is that all about?! he still must like jamie enough to accept her like always being all over him...but omg i cant stand it anymore. its so damn frustrating!!! :mad: :mad:

Sorry this is pointless and I know no one cares, but I just had to get that out...cuz i just came back from his house when she was htere and...gahhhh :( :( :(


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I'm going to say something horrible.

Guys want to have sex with girls. If she is still putting out it will be hard to press in, though I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing you on the side. If he's flirting it's because he finds you attractive enough to sleep with, though if he stops around her she must be More attractive to him.

My advice, let him know you're interested by actually telling him. If he wants you he'll let you know. Guys are only subtle to try and get laid. If he does like you he wont be subtle about it once you've told him.

If he lets you know, but then keeps letting this old flame rub all over him, don't bother. He's just playing you. Sorry hun. I wish you the best of luck.