WTF ... IS WTF!?
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is it me.


Bringer of Bees
or does there seem to be nothing going on here in the last week, id be at about 1k posts but im stuck behind,kinda getting tired here, but hey maybe it will work out.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
your not th only 1ns, iv also noticed the slowness, do u think it was because those 2 dickheads were banned 4 five days? brokens noticed it 2 but i think it might be because those 2 arent pissing any1 off to get every1 thinking thats just 1 theory ut i could be wrong.....


Destroyer of worlds
I deffly had a lot fo fun toying with the kids for a while there, but even that can get old quick. I think another thing is there just hasn't been any worthwhile rants or debates to talk about and get our minds going recently. What we need is a nice controversial, really devisive topic that we can all argue about to pick things back up again. We had a couple nice tries with the racism, sexism, and abortion debates, but I think those have fizzled by now because everyone kept agreeing with each other. I'm sure someone will come up with something good soon though, till then it's just casual conversation.