Is it me?


Banned - What an Asshat!
Is it me or the past week the amount of posts and over traffic of the site has gone down?

Everyday, I come to work with the main intention to find some good posts in Is basically the only thing that drives me to get up and come to work. I sit here waiting for new posts like a looser I am. But for the past few days I been noticing a decrease on the posts. This sucks! We need more losers like me.

btw: I get paid while posting... looser you are! :mfinger:


You geht paid to be a looser? Cool!
Do yourself a favor,be a loser..being a looser sounds like you're not such a tight fit anymore.

I'm gonna guess the decline of post count has to do with all the 13 to 15 year old topic of discussions that keep multiplying via lame assed threads. The same bullshit topics over and over and over. That crap doesn't seem to grab the asses of the senior members;attention wise,anymore.

I dunno,maybe the WTF Gods should change the sites name to: 18 and over need not apply. :bomb: