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Headlines Is pirating the movie Passions of Christ wrong?

Is pirating the movie Passions Of Christ wrong?

  • No.

    Votes: 26 61.9%
  • Yes.

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Yes and you're going to hell for it too!

    Votes: 11 26.2%

  • Total voters

get it together

what's REALLY wrong is they're going to come out with more of them... Mel was supposedly given "a message from god" to make movies when he was going to commit suicide to spread the word of god. Christians seem to think we won't get the message after the first 1000 movies they made


lexicon incognito
there needs to be a "why would you PIRATE something so terrible? do you actually want to see it AGAIN or are you just not bright enough to realize you should steer clear of it?" option.

you know.. i paid $9 to see it. but more importantly, i spent two hours of my life suffering through that film for the sake of 'art' or some kind of expression.

what i got was accidental anti-semitism (which is irresponsible), a woman playing satan (accidental anti-feminism, also irresponsible), the making out of pontius pilate as this great, wise, moderate man (he was known for being the harshest governor of all roman lands), and the portrayal of jewish high priests wanting jesus dead just because they could (instead of the fact that it was a wildly popular political move at the time for their protection).

no depth, no intelligence, no explanations. just irresponsible and amateur filmmaking on an inflated budget.


'The way I see it, it's wrong [in the most immoral sense] to profit off of items relating to God. If one is truely religious, they wouldn't profit off anything even remotely related to their religion.'

All religions profit somewhat off of items relating to God. I've never seen a poor minister, vicar, Pope............


Resident Conservative
my two brothers and I went to see it on opening weekend... with 2 fifths of rum.... was that immoral....

... movie sucked... I went to see a movie (and get drunk)..... not read a movie...


The Iron Lung
awwww....did they not give you enough time to sound the words out? I havent seen it yet.... but I cant believe that no one else sees how overtly bible thumping the first Matrix was. They spiced it up with special effects and salty adjectives but think about and you'll get it.