Is she faking it?


Ok, I work at the daycare, right? Well there is this girl who works in the toddler room with me. She's always calling in sick. Once she called in sick and i had to come in early. Like 7 am to help out in the room and at lunchtime that day she was caught out christmas shopping. She's always complaining cuz the boss is always on her ass about something. Partly cuz she's always out sick. But like the other night she took out all these annoying tiny blocks. Like 5 big boxes of em and let the kids have at it. Then she left the tables, floor and dishes dirty after snack. (which is a major no no.) And she did the 4:00 diaper changes at about 4:40. So I have to deal with the dishes, the toys beign strewn all about the room, cleaning tables, sweeping the floor and making sure the kids don't eat the cookie chunks in the pile, washing all the floors, taking out the garbage, vacuming, and having all the kids go potty again cuz at this point, they've all been sitting in whatever for at least 40 min. This is just, it was bad. And Anita, one of the owners came in about 5:45-5:50 and i was doing another round of changes, I had swept, I hadn't been able to vacume yet cuz I'd just finished picking up all the toys and the dishes were still left. She was livid. Now my co worker is mad cuz they pulled her aside and talked to her. I didn't care, I was gadda do it all. They pulled another teacher out of the preschool room to wash the floors for me while I vacumed and took out the garbages. (We close at 6.) I dunno. Now whenever I work, this gal who left the mess is like, "is the room clean enough?" or "I'm working on cleaning the room for you." And it's all snotty. I just don't know what to do. I have to deal with this shit on top of naughty kids? I think everyone is getting fed up with her. Sorry this is so long. I didn't mean to make it like this. But what should I do? Do I just take the shit? Do I say something? I dunno.


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beat the shit out of her infront of all the kids to teach them that if they are ass holes that is what will happen to them. although you might not go with my advice, i have been known to have anger management problems


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Bug the boss every day until he/she does something about it. If she is 'sick' and you have to do this again, she should be fired.


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Talk to your boss and get them to ask for a doctor's note everytime she calls in sick. also you'd think if she's sick all the time she should go to the doctor anyways. you don't want sick people around kids now do you?


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There many ways tell if she's falking it. In Dr. Ruth's latest lecture about The Joy of Se...
OOOOoohh, your coworker... hmmm. I dunno, have you thought about a different line of work?


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She needs to go. She's not a team player. She obvioiusly don't care about her work but as long as they agree to pay her, she's going to come back and pull this stuff. Tell your boss you can't handle cleaning up after your kids and your room and then doing the same for her kids and room. It's not your job to do both. You like it there and I can see you like those kids. It's great that you are willing to take on those responcibilities but the fact is, it's beyond what you can handle. Tell them they need to get someone who is responcibile and will do their job correctly so you can spend more time caring for your group of kids. Sometimes even bosses need a kick in the pants to know what really needs to be done. I mean if you have to remind them of the the "phony abscences" and the lack of doing her duties like changing diapers on time and not cleaning her room which in effect makes you do all that for her so the kids don't go home sick with messy, dirty diapers and the room is ready for the next day.

That sucks though. Your boss sounds like the kind of boss a friend of mine had when she worked at Tutor Time.


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you oughta tell her how you feel. if she remains a shithead worker, get her ass fired.