Is the American Empire doomed? YouTube video essay


The elites have done irreparable damage to our country and their hordes of brainwashed SJWs and useless dependent classes will be turned against us moving forward. Forget antifa , redneck revolt, and BLM. When they finally make a move on Trump or start to collapse the economy (because of our debt) they will use the welfare dependent classes against average Americans.

We have already passsed the demographic cliff and Trump was never going to save us. Even now with the government shutdown and the pull out from Syria and Yemen , he is costing the NWO elites and the military industrial complex billions. They will go after Trump in 2019. Even if its not through assassination it will be through impeachment.

They will continue to censor us and ostracize whites, christians , and conservatives in general. This will force us in to secession or a full blow second civil war. I think 2019 will be the year people really wake up. Not just to the anti-sjw red pills from talkers like Paul Joseph Watson, but to the fact that talk is cheap and it is time for political and civil action. Civil War 2 is coming to America. Time to put it all on the line.”

Follow link for a YouTube video that will likely be deleted any day due to increasingly leftist/Marxist censorship going on at evil Google-owned YouTube.



There's a very good chance that I don't care.
The US has been doomed for quite some time. Its been resting on its laurels and the only thing keeping it afloat is the fact that its able to print the world's reserve currency. Once competing factions fully divest from things like the petroleum dollar and implement govt. crypto the US is fucked with a capital FAH.
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