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is your hometown the worst?


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In the UK the Idler has been documenting for the past few years which are the worst places to live based on readers contributions.. they made a good book from it.. it'd be helpful (for all of us i suppose) if we had a similar world guide right here.. and i certainly think we are the sort of people that are qualified to write reviews of towns and cities with the necessary beligerence.
sample from the Idler..

This is an archetypal conurbation town with no basic infrastructure or ammenities for culture or entertainment. No sense of history. Nothing to inspire or stimulate, just houses. Everyone is in the same sinking boat and tensions inevitably arise.

Too close to London to warrant building anything approaching what the capital has to offer, yet just far enough to away to offer a sense of other-worldly, neglected isolation, Luton is out there.

The centre is dominated by a crappy - surprise, surprise - Arndale shopping centre and a clutch of generic theme pubs and wrist-slittingly moribund nightclubs which, when I was last there four years ago seemed to be named after piss poor 80’s cocktails drinks - Mirage, Manhattan Skyline etc.

There are also plenty of opportunities for fighting - I got in four or five in my three year tenure in Luton, none of which I instigated I should add.

What else?

Nope, sorry that’s it.

and i will donate 10,000 to anyone who can do cleveland, ohio or nashville, tennessee and make me laugh :thumbsup: