Headlines Issues??!!


Ive always felt this way, and this weekend I was overwhelmed with frustration. Every day we are bombared in the news with tradgedies and sadness... there is a war in Iraq that many feel are unjust. Thousands have died. A tsunami wiped out 300,000 people in the blink of and eye. Every night on every American television we see murders and robberies, and corruption. We see this every day and now it seem that we are no longer phased by any of it. Proof? Well, a couple of months ago i was watching coverage on the tsunami tradgedy, when the news broadcast, yes, the news broadcast, was interrupted... "this just in: Brad and Jennifer have broken up!!" yes, the world was shocked when two celebrities broke up. more americans were saddened by that than the diaster in Asia. For weeks, the war in Iraq was ignored, and the tsunami disaster was non-existant. front pages of newspapers had pictures of our "beloved" celebrities. Why is it that we see so much unpleasant saddness, and what is supposed to repulse a person every night, and then see a celebrity couple break up and say "oh thats sad"........ THAT REALLY MAKES ME MAD... these people are not any different than me or any other person. this weekend the war in iraq was left out of american television. no-one cared how north korea and their warheads were doing. the big story this weekend was Britney Spears being pregnant. is that way more important than anything else that is going on? how is she different than some other white trash pregnant woman? why does she get special attention and why does she and countless other celbrities get so much extra attention than what REALLY matters?


Chaotic Neutral
If they don't talk about it, then it doesn't exist. There is no issues in Africa, since we never hear about any in the news.