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It Happened One Night, Pt. 2

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When we last saw MaxPower he was in the back seat of his automobile, poised to make sweet incestual love to his cousin Gertrude. We now join Max again, the following day as he is writing in his "Hello Kitty" diary:

Deer Dieery,

I ohmost made it wif Gerty last nite. It cood have bin grate, maybee even majikal. I had her in teh back seet of the Chavelle wagin and evereething. We was jus abowt to do it, but I made teh mistake of calling her cuzzin an she wiggid out. I dont no wut her big problum is wif me calling her cuzzin. Thats wut she is, rite? My cuzzin. So wut if peepul think its rong? We are in luv, damm it, so hoo cares? I meen, its not like it was wen I was boynking my sisterr. That was diffrint. This is luv! I want to tell teh hole wurld, but Gerty is imbaressed. It makes me sad. I wish she cood see how deep my luv for her is. Then maybee she woodint care wut other peepul theenk. I got to go. Sissy wants to play blankit monsturr again.

Nit nite,

So there you have it. Two lovers caught in the most troubling of circumstances. Will they make it? We may never know.....

lady victoria

Too old for this shit!
Loved it zoloft :thumbsup:

"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to zoloftcasserole again" gah
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