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It is I that you should fear.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Nothing. Emptiness. Lies. Betrayal. Death. Decay.

Prayers to a lesser god that may ignore me or may implore me, implode me, destroy me.

The destroyer, the evil, the taste in a mouth full of vomit.

Nothing is the beginning, the ending, and everything in between is fucking shit.

I was born from darkness, I shall die in darkness, and I will become darkness.
This is not what I was meant to be, but it is as I am.

Shouting words that no one understands, the complete vicarious beginning.

End of random evil.

Coming as I will, a thief in the night, a demon on the oceans wake.

From the stars I fell, a princess amongst the dead.

I am here now, not again, forever.

Evil. Tears. Blood. Fear. Snakes. Pain. Screams.

Praying to a lesser god, my mouth writhing with snakes and insects and such other foul things.

Nothing more than this, and nothing less shall I be.

Raping souls and minds and leaving the body to rot amongst graves of maggots.

Leaving the face void of eyes, so none can see my pain, the head bereft of ears so none can here my screams, and the tongue torn from mouths so none can beg of me.

Insane. Inept. Impotent. Choked. Dark. Black. Hell.

The insane do not know they are. I know I am insane. I am. Innocence, never.

It is a lie, a blessing for children born into humanity, a blessing humanity will spit upon and destroy as quickly as they destroy their own kin.

Burn me, a witch, Wiccan, sorceress, deamonic.

Call me as you will, but all will fall before me.

The whore of Babylon, chimera, dragon, these names and more. Lillith. Eve.

Across time and creation and still you do not understand, still you fear me and whisper my name in the darkness.

It is I that you should fear.


Just in case anyone was wondering, its not supposed to rhyme. Or really make sense for that matter. Its really just supposed to fuck with your heads.


Dain Bramaged
Damn! DG, That's Nucking Fice!

Sweetheart I love the imaging, and the way it flows.
Slightly pissed off perhaps? I'm slightly off-kilter as it is so maybe that's why I like it!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: