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It is the best movie.

I think It is the greatest movie ever. Sure they skipped some parts that are in the book, but what movie based on a book doesn't. Tim Curry does an excellent job as playing Pennywise, I think it's his best role. The movie has great characters. Pennywise was the creepiest character I've ever seen, especially in the scene where he kills Georgie. Everyone can name someone like Henry Bowers, an insane bully that gets held back a lot and threatens to kill everyone. Although it may be a very long movie it is worth seeing it. I've never met someone that didn't like the movie It. :thumbsup:


Ok, I got you now. Oddly enough, I've never seen that whole movie. I think I'm going to add it to my Netflix que though. :thumbsup: .

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
junglizm said:
Did I miss something, or did you just leave out the name of the movie?
LMAO i thought the same thing. I was like... uh... wait a minute...
In my opinion, there are many far better movies than It, but I guess for what its worth it's a fine film. It's nice to know that you like it.