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Gaming Italian Sausage and the Tennis Conspiracy


You're my number two
I don't know what the fuck the Sun is on about. Fucking Brits don't know what an Italian sausage is. When I moved here more than a decade ago, the best I could find to make sausage and peppers with is "Italian inspired" sausages. NOT even close to enough fennel seed! Fuck you! And fuck your watered down excuse for a sausage. Fuck the Sun and their article claiming to know that an Italian sausage even exists!

But yes. Luigi does in fact look like he's smuggling mushrooms.


I once ate broccoli
Journalistic fucktards omg really?

Balls and sticks apart, there is no Italian sausage. There is only SALSICCIA TOSCANA, possibly with no fennel seeds ffs, just salt and pepper, or it'll taste like anise and feels bad, both raw spread on (Tuscan) bread or BBQed.