It's great to be a nerd


That Guy
It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd
The only light we ever see is from our moniter

We argue about comic books and Internet connections
The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by a Borg
(Man, he knew Mr. Sulu!) (What?)

It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd
We wear our Star Trek uniforms and talk like Captain Kirk

We have our own heroes who we try to emulate
I dream of one day being as sexy as Bill Gates
We hate watching sports 'cause we're reading Carl Sagan
But we'd watch the Olympics if they played Dungeons and Dragons
(I'm a Hobbitt! Ha ha ha ha!)

It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd
We think Tolkein was a genius and Shakespeare was a turd

We rarely get a date or get talked to by a girl
Unless they're having trouble with their algebra homework
We're emotionally bereft and we're sexually frustrated
But we can download photographs of Agent Scully naked

It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd
We know the truth is out there but we'd have to leave our room

We are the nerds in your neighbourhood
Polyester's a fashion statement
But there's more room on the beach for you
'Cause we're locked in our basement

It's great to be a nerd, It's great to be a nerd
We like to wear colours that do not appear in nature

It's great to be a
Poorly-dressed fashionless
Star trekking roleplaying
Ninety pound when wet down
Pasty skinned pop drinking
Underfed genius
Yes, it's great to be a nerd

Sounds like me :happysad:

Except the genious part :)


Hella Constipated
GAH! I hate those nerds! Fuck that shit, I hang out with what the "Japanese Wannabe Nerds" call "American Otakus." That's American Game/Computer geeks. I didn't know what that meant until 2004...

Japanese Otakus are funny, because they suck Nintendo's dick like a crackpipe, and often don't buy other systems from companies because "Of their moral ground." LMFAO! Nintendo in the 80's enough said. You make games for them, you can't make games for anyone else according to their contract.

These are the same people who do Japanese style cosplay.

American Otakus are always Sega/PC/XBox nerds (All but the latter here!). M$ doesn't pull their monopoly bullshit with the Xbox, but they still won't buy an XBox "Because they hate Windows." Uhhh...Then why do you have a Dell laptop with XP on it :rolleyes:.

Hell, at least I try to play Nintendo's games too, and not just say they suck dicks, because they are really good.

But then you have the Super-Nerds, trekkies and fucking Japanese/American otaku hybrids who fuck their girlfriend's in a Spock suit.

The kind of guys who will argue over if "A Klingon battlecruiserdestroyer has ten beam cannons and generic missles, blah blah blah..." for two hours.

If you talk to a FreeSpace nerd like me, they are brief, quick, and to the point, because ships in FreeSpace actually work and don't have crippling weaknesses like other space-ships do from other games/movies/TV shows/art.

I just fucking hate those kinds of nerds...They give us all a bad name.

Oh, and Ferengi, you're cool, take no note of this post...There is a difference between being a fan of Star-Trek and breaking the cosplay barrier, as seen below.



Banned - What an Asshat!
i wish i were nerd worthy, im in the middle of trying to be a nerd and not making an effort to do so. i mean, im above average in technology knowledge in my school, but thats saying absolutely nothing about me.

i dont actually fit into a group of people :(

im THE loser, not just any loser