On TV It's time for you to watch The Expanse


YES - I am not kidding you, if you're into high quality SCI-FI, this show is the greatest on TV at the moment.

The show pours a ton of backstory into the first 5 episodes of the show. I quit the first time I gave it a try in 2014. I also thought it was super low budget in the first episode because I hadn't learned yet their installation on an asteroid was all synthetic anyway as a way to try and make the living conditions more like earth. So there was a reason it looked the way it did. IF YOU PUSH THROUGH THE FIRST 5 EPISODES, it will hit you how awesome the show is. If you are unsure by the end of the 5th, watch the 6th episode as a final attempt. Ironically, once you finish the first 3 seasons, if you go back and watch those 5 episodes, its like watching 5 brand new episodes now that you know everything thats going on! You catch the details you didnt before!

The Expanse release 3 seasons with SyFy and they didn't perform well because...who the heck cares in the age of streaming from the major 3-5 platforms?!!?But truthfully probably because the first 5 episodes were very confusing. BUT the fans were die hard about it. Flying signs behind planes over Amazon Headquarters (ARTICLE). They had a major impact on their endeavour and Jeff Bezos himself saved the show! (Article: "Jeff Bezos calls Sci-Fi Series: 'Extraordinary')

The show is fantastic, I can't go into everything and lose you in this post. But they have generated an amazing story on screen from the books. They tried to keep the future in a vision of something we could achieve(accidentally), and even tried to follow as much proper physics/sciences through space. Which the latter was a huge prop point by many reviewers.

Lucky you, if you start now, season 5 will be have finished airing all episodes and you will have 5 season to binge. The next season apparently will bet their last.

Incredibly viewer and critic scores for each season. I believe season 1 only scored low because of the hard to follow first 5 episodes.