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Jack Black on LSD and Male Childbirth


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
hahaha, that is seriously fucked up. i prefer their music.


Banned - What an Asshat!
:ut-oh: ......... wtf!? ........... :ut-oh:


Banned - What an Asshat!
JB and lsd doesn't seem like my ideal trip..
but lsd can make the good bad and bad good and anyway that track 'Lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee' is pretty fucking good..

lsd memories..
"don't forget you can't remember."
trying to get off a moving train because i was convinced it was an airplane, like that was ok?..
remixing music without really wanting to in my mind.
watching my best friend get 'embroidered' on a 'billowing silk' sky..
standing horrified as stonehenge readied itself for take-off..
sundry tree/gravity weirdness scenarios.
"what if.. and you'll never know until you.." what? what?
being spiked, accepting lot graciously, then later decorating goverment property with pictures of morissey(?)
observing zoo giraffes shooting 'space light' from the oscillating patterns on their necks.. later finding a dismembered head (mafia style) in the aquarium and trying to get it out.. failing..
living in notting hill (london) during world cup '98.. being so acidic that the pH scale would struggle.. wondering why all the people in blue (french) were happy and all the yellow (brasil) were angry.. taking more acid and getting fleeting realities that gravity doesn't apply if you don't know what it is.. coming to at work next day with limited vocabulary..
watching first episode of south park before it was overground, staring at tv.. looking at wall, staring at tv.. "is this really a tv show?"

drugs are bad.. mm'kay?