Jack N' Cherry Cola


Angel of Death
(Err... This is some what mature, more a cute little story then ment to be an arousing erotica story...haven't gotten brave enough to post them yet. Again because Im not getting any at the moment, so i really have nothing to spark my intrest, its about female masturbation... OMG... yes we girls do it too...)

The smooth feeling of the cherry cola toxin hitting my mouth and flowing down inside of me in a sweet delusion of pure enjoyment. For a moment I am all smiles, alone... with thoughts of you racing in my mind. Your voice, so soft, sweet...invading, I wonder what you would do if you knew all the things I did to it.

I almost laughed a bit as I finished of the last of my drink and stumbled into my room. I removed my pants and shirt and laid down on the cool sheets of my unmade bed. I stretched out allowing my body to relax and feel the slight pleasure of the cool sheets crawl over me.

3 am. The phone was ring... I reached over by it and picked up, knowing who it was calling me in this late of hours. A voice from far away, that voice of a soldier and his sweet call home.

"Hello," he whispered over the phone not knowing that it was already arousing me in the deepest darkest of ways.

"hi" I mumbled back my fingers gently tracing my body, dancing upon my skin so lightly, and all the places I knew he would touch me if he was here. I undid the claps to my bra slipping it off in a slight little giggle.

"You sound tired Hun, How was your day?" I smiled to myself, he always think I am tired when I am the most aroused. He hasn't a clue why some nights few words slip from my lips... as my fingers toy with nipples, slide down over my stomach stopping just enough for me to reply.

"Fine..." I whispered "keep talking" As one hand traced over my lips remember where his kisses use to be, the other moving slowly rubbing over my panties as I listen to him tell me how much he loved me and missed me.

"I love you to baby" I moaned over the phone..."Keep talking". I had to smile, it was so cute how clueless he was at this moment as my finger slip under my panties tracing the outside... lulling down inside of me, teasing myself just a tad bit... I let a soft moan escape from my lips.

"What was that..." He said in a some what curious little boy way. "Angel, you there?"

"keep talking my love” I said as my body arched up to my own touch, I could feel it tighten up, then relaxing. Bring my other fingers, slightly moistened, from my lips down over my breast, gently squeezing them... touching them... moaning slightly here and there. As I traced around my now hard perky nipples.

"What you doing" he finally asked....

"Nothing" I smiled allowing a few girlish giggles to escape "keep talking" As I allowed the hand down between my leg to slip in one, then two fingers... my other hand racing back up me. Messing up my hair....Bring myself closer and closer to the moment. I bit my lip little trying to keep from letting the moans escape.

"I miss you, I want you" It echoed in my ear as I tried to sing back the words to him. Only allowing a hushed deep moan over the phone as my body relaxed and small beads of sweat formed and streaked down my face in the now hot bedroom.

"Baby, what was...are you doing what I think you are." He said, sounding as if he remember that cry from so long ago.

"Doing what hunny... I was just stretching a bit" I whispered, as I sank into my bed in a bit of pure dazed confusion.

~~~~For My Jesse~~~~~


Banned - What an Asshat!
Pretty good, I like how it is all inuendos and not outright vivid. you could expand on it, put it in playboy, and send it to Jesse.


Angel of Death
wrote it when i was hung over....

I have some ummm pretty intresting stuff.... thats on my computer that I willl

post up.

wow. Kitana. you are destined to be a writer. You have amazing skills. And you are also very intelligent, as i can see by the way you type. and you were hung over?! wow. wow. wow. amazing writing.