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Headlines Jail Time


I really did.

Plea for forgiveness

Addressing the court for the first time, Nichols read out a statement expressing remorse.

"My heart truly goes out to all the victims and survivors and to everyone who was affected by the Oklahoma City bombing," he said.

"Words cannot adequately express the sorrow I have felt over the years for the grief they have all suffered."

He also asked for forgiveness and urged "everyone to acknowledge God"

What ever. I am glad he got 161 life terms to rot in jail. Timothy McVay got it easy. He got his own TV, his favorite ice cream, his favorite food, and a nice little bed to sleep in, in his own little room. Then he got to die a totally painless way, which is more than most people get outside of jail (and, which I am sure of, a lot of people would like). Capital punishment should be harsher or there should be none at all. I know I would be tortured if I had life in prison with no future to look forward to. Apoligies suck, he deserves it.


How dare you!?
Ya i agree with you. I agree with capital punishment but i think they are to nice about it. they should kill the bastard the same way they kill someone. make them suffer. Torture till the end... *crazed look*


You're my number two
Or you could lock them up with some Prison rapist. Especially child molesters and, rapists. Lock them up with some dude named bubba that out weighs them by 250 Lbs. Let bubba "Administer" his punishment.


Seeker of Truth
Well, we fixed his wagon didn't we!

After the first "Life" sentance, what is the point?

Asking for forgiveness, nice touch after whacking 168 people...