Headlines Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry


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ST. PAUL - Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has officially endorsed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

The announcement was made during a 30-minute news conference at the State Office Building. The former Minnesota Governor was there, but did not make any comments.

Just days ago, Ventura had said that he did not plan to support Kerry or President Bush this election year.

Also at the news conference was former Maine Gov. Angus King, who was the only other third-party governor during Ventura's years in office. He said Ventura changed his mind and decided to endorse Kerry.

I did not realize that John Kerry starred in Predator ??? :p

*probably catch hell for this statment* I actually think Jesse Ventura would make a great candidate for president, I like his views on quite a few issues.


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That's awesome! Even though I've never liked Angus King, but whatever. At least Kerry can appeal to cool people as well as pricks.