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Headlines Jessica Lunsford

9 yr. old Jessica Lunsford was found late last night. They havent revealed any details on the murder but an arrest was made in Georgia. The 46 yr. old suspect has a history of sexual offenses dating back to the late 70's. 24 total arrests to be exact.

It shouldnt be a surprise to anyone when they reveal she was molested.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Jessicas family. I would like also to offer my prayers and deepest condolences for the anguish they will live with for the remainder of their lives. I would wish for them to know that my heart is breaking for them. They will never watch their beautiful young girl grow into a woman and realize her life.

Im sorry for that.


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yea there is a lot more shit goin on in the world.....i think i read about 10-12 get murdered in cold blood in the last week..