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Funnier than a 5th grader
In an effort to get more people into's IRC chat channel, I am posting this simple "how-to" for those that may not know how to do it. Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, please move it.

You can access the chat by using the java client on the homepage or by using mIRC. I suggest mIRC, so that's what this "how-to" is all about.

The first thing you need is mIRC. Go >HERE< and download mIRC 6.16 and install it.

The first window you'll see will should look similar to this:

Full Name:
Hint: Nobody needs to know your real name. In fact, it's best to not give out any personal information until you've gotten to know folks better. (And even then, use caution). Just use anything in here. Most people usually put something humorous in this spot, or a quote -- anything but our real names :)

E-Mail Address:
Tip: it's not necessary to put your actual real e-mail addy here. You can list whatever you want. Nothing that I have listed here is correct information.

Self explanatory

It's a good idea to have a backup nick, just in case someone else is using your first choice.

Next, click on servers and you should see something like this:

In the IRC Network drop down menu, scroll down to EFnet. Click on "connect to server". If you can't connect, try a different server in the IRC Server drop down menu.

Once connected, you will see this:

Just type and click the join button.

These are just the basics, but it will get you there. Have fun, and hope to see ya there. :)

Again, please move this thread if it belongs somewhere else. Or if it's not needed, just lock it. :p

Also, if I left anything out, feel free to add it here. Even advanced user commands and such. I just wanted to get the basics down so that people can get there.


An easier way: ( Or at least the way that seems easier to me)

1) Install and open IRC(client of your choice)
2) type /server
3) wait to connect
4) type /join
5) wait to connect
6) type /nick your_nick_here

I hate clicking all over the place, when a few simple commands will do the job.


it is shareware so technically it IS free
if you are referring to cracking it or providing a serial for it.... don't


Funnier than a 5th grader
Bullshyt said:
Mine keeps saying "unable to connect" connection timed out. What the hell should I do to get around this?
My suggestion would be to try another server in the IRC Server drop down box.


Funnier than a 5th grader
Paul said:
this is more of a tutorial than the sticky.... seems like a nice idea to me
Thanks Paul. There just doesn't seem to be a huge interest in chat I guess.

Also, I'm not sure why poeple are having problems connecting. I never had a problem from the day I started using mIRC. If you do have problems connecting, google it, or go to mIRC's website. They have a forum there with most of the answers on connecting issues.

Maybe we could get this stickied....hint..hint. ;)


In that drop-down box, instead of choosing a particular server, choose the one that says "EFNet, Random Server". You're guaranteed a connection then.