JunkBox...Final Edition.


Hella Constipated
Well...I finally came up with the perfect junkbox. Inspiration came today when I was maintaining my friend's dad's network. I saw an old SFF HP, and it hit me.

HP Pavilion 6630 or whatever mATX case w/Bestec 100w PSU (Can go WAY beyond that, I have a Bestec 250 in my main box running dual CPUs and a 9700 Pro no problem).

Duron 1.8

ECS SiS 741 Chipset mobo

380MB of RAM

Radeon 8500LE 64MB

13.5GB HD (5400 RPM)

Compaq 4x2x?x CD-RW drive

Used SB Live! junk card

I just saw that little sub-2' tall case, and I was sold. I finally found the SFF system I could never afford. It's perfect, but I am worried about it running a little hot. It has NO fan mount, only the PSU's fan can be put in. I guess that's what tin snips are for!