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just a poem


skandalous allstar

stop living in imaginary scenes of teardrop
so give up and give in
to all of your hurt
to all of your pain.
you are torn into little pieces of bitter mistakes and shards of hope.
the only answer is to be someone that you are not.

why don't you answer your own craving for life
with faking reality
there will be no pain
and no hurt if
its all in your head.

dusty screams and rusted scars
all hidden behind clouds of sorrow.
only a few shine through and see
the real me. When its all said and done
they are gone and i am lost again

inside myself.


Trance Addict
good stuff. a few misleading words that i would have changed, but all in all a good theme.

kind of how i feel i'm only kidding myself, but it eases the pain.