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He isnt really my boyfriend, but we're friends. Well, here, I'll catch you up.

I've liked this guy since 6th grade. And this year (9th grade), I've just come to like him so much more, that I'm close to considering it being "in love". I think about him constantly and are so greatful that we're even friends. But he has a girlfriend, other wise I would of made a move.. this year we have gotten to be really good friends, infact, best friends. Which led to us doing some stuff, and him breaking up with his girlfriend and going out with me, but only for like a couple days. He ended up dumping me for her. But anyways...

Lately our friendship has been so fucked up. He's always depressed over what seems like nothing (and sometimes is nothing)... and I can understand that, I get like that from time to time myself. But he just does it constantly every time I talk to him, except for in school... in which he is the happiest guy in the world. And I know him, he would not be able to hide if he was depressed. So I feel like there's something he's not telling me to make him "so depressed" after schools and stuff. and It just bothers me, and upsets me. It makes me feel like he doesnt want to be friends anymore, as if i'm just this annoying girl trying to interupt into his personal life. And if thats true I wish he would just tell me, becuase I'm sick of having to be confused over this and not knowing what to do.

The other day my friend Jenn and this girl Bianca were trying to get a bottle drink or something out of his sweater pocket. So when I was walking by them, they were like "come help us!" so i reached into his pocket and it wasnt there, so out of confusion I was like "where the fuck is it?" and BIanca was like "its up his ass!" and like i just laughed and was like "woooah I'm not going up there!" and so i kept walking my way, and i heard Bianca whisper to Robert "I bet she would" and i heard him whisper back "yea I know she would." It seems like a stupid thing for me to be posting about, but it hurt. When he doesnt like his friends anymore, he starts badmouthing them behind their backs. And that is what I've been afraid of happening for a while. And hearing that just made me upset.

So now I've just been ignoring him. And when ever he talks to me and asks me what's wrong, I flip out on him and tell him to fuck off, or to die in hell. I dont know if he's gotten the hint that I'm pissed at him. If not then I'll just have to fucking tell him flat out. *sigh* I dont want to lose him as a friend, he used to always be there for me and I would always be the person he confided in. But if he's not liking my friendship anymore, then I just have to accept that fact and move on...


You need to drop this guy flat out. If he's going to talk about you behind your back like some little girl in gradeschool then he's not really your friend, and you need to be the better person and tell him to your face that you don't want to be his friend anymore. A guy like that is not worth your time no matter what your past was.


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Why don't you just push him in the mud and make him cry? Even better, let me do it. :thumbsup:

But anyways, I don't see where he was talking about you behind your back, unless he's the Robert you mentioned. I'm not so sure he doesn't care about the friendship either, considering he's taking the time to try and figure out what's wrong. Maybe you could clear things up a bit here?


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first off, if he is such a good friend, why are you telling him to fuck off and die? thats not cool.......... if you want to know for sure, just flat out ask him, tell him what you heard and ask him what he meant by it. if ya'll are good friends, he will tell you. if he was talking shit, get rid of him. who needs a firend like that?

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I only told him to fuck off and die after I heard him say something to that girl Bianca. And I'm going to talk to him either tonight or tomorrow about it.

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well, at least it sounds like you have a competant head on your shoulders, which i would say puts you in the top 10% in the country. The outcome has got to be leaning towards your favor now.


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Seriously. You do need to talk to him. Tell him what you heard and ask him what happened. Tell him exactly how you've been feeling besides this hurtful event and find out why he is so depressed. Give him a chance on the depression part. He may also be feeling some rebound remorse over his last girlfriend. It's never a good idea to start going out right after a break-up. That goes for both ends. For him to start dating right after a break-up is a hard change to make on the heart. The other is you. you will have to deal with the baggage left behind from the recent relationship. I know he broke up with the last g/f to go out with you but feeling just don't change that fast. I'm sure he cares about you...maybe even love you, but he needs time to get over his last relationship. Both of you moved too fast. You and he are great friends but to move to a deeper level such as g/f b/f that needs an empty slate to last long or to even hold the friendship together. Please be honest with him and talk to him about how you have been feeling....confused, upset, left behind. Let him tell you how he feels before you come to conclusions. He may have said something behind your back. Tell him if that is so that it hurts you and as a friend, you'd think he's stop that and talk to you more directly when something is on his mind.

Good luck.