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Banned - What an Asshat!
Hell, Awaiting.

Something waits, behind the shadow, something scintillating and sexy
It breathes without air, folding its decrepitating lungs around a soundless heart.
Licks its cold and pale lips, shiny and lifeless amid the night, and waits for blood.
Kiss the cold and pale death, blood so pretty and fine, strips of red, wanton with desire.
Come, breath my air and kiss my breast, be within the beast and not apart from it,
Torn and ravage, rabid and thirsty, a waiting breath of evil in the void.

Here and there, the skeletal grin of promised pain, glittering with unholy white light
Whispers that would be deathly and defiling were it any place other than this,
You turn, you think you will be fine, you hold the cross against your breast,
And whisper a prayer that can be unheard in anyplace other than this.
Secrets should not be yours, secrets you seek, that which should be left to be.
The crossbow in your hand is suddenly not enough, and sweat crosses your brow.

Hell has no name, no place, no existence. But you are there, and you feel it.
As I do, as it does. Come play with me, my pretty, come play in the fire, scarecrow.
For what could death deliver unto you that life can not? No pain, absolution is a dream.
There is pain in death, this is my promise unto you. Unending and unimaginable.
Yet you come anyways, you come to bask in the glory of my Hell, my creation.
You come to dance in the flames, and be what you will, be mine, my scarecrow.