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Just Got My Old Laptop Working

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As a matter of fact, I'm typing this thread on it. Anyway here is the thing, the only way I get can get internet connection with the laptop is if I dial up. The problem with that is the internet is fucking slow, and I have to use a good deal of its 64 Mb of ram to keep AOL running. where as if i can link up with my currently set up wireless network, then i can navigate the internet faster and my programs won't lag.

i got the computer about a year ago for free. the previous owner installed XP on it, originally it had windows 98. it only has 64 mb ram as i said above, doesn't have high speed or 2.0 usb, but it does have this little card slot on the side. not sure what it is called. although i looked at the hardware on the computer and if i had to guess i'd say it was the:
Texas Instrument PCI-1221 Cardbus Controller
i've seen wireless things stuck in there before, but I can't find 'em anywhere. also i know there are wireless adapters you can stick into USB, but my USB is handicapped, as I mentioned above.

if anyone knows of any products taht will help me do this please reply. Price is not a major factor.



WizardlyFriend said:
but it does have this little card slot on the side. not sure what it is called.
PCMCIA (pointless but amusing information)
The best known such devices are known as PC Cards (formerly PCMCIA cards). A later revision of the PC Card is known as CardBus. The PCMCIA is also developing a new notebook peripheral specification called Newcard or ExpressCard. The initialism "PCMCIA" was jokingly expanded as "People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms".
Wireless router and card bundle:

Ethernet card:

Btw, USB 1.0 should be able to handle a broadband connection, since it can handle up to 12Mb/s.
Throw another stick of RAM in it and get an ethernet PCMCIA card.

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