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Just thought I'd rant about this 'cos it pissed me off at the time!


So, I was going out with this girl, I really fucking loved her and she "said" she loved me too, one night I goes round to see her and she just wasn't acting the same at all, she hardly fucking touched me, then when I got up to leave she just said "bye", no kiss or anything. Anyway, the next day I spoke to her on msn and asked her if I'd done something wrong, or pissed her off in some kinda way, she said "no, it's just me, I have a lot of shit on my mid, I just need time to sort my head out, and untill then I think it would be best if we didn't see each other, but we can still be going out with each other, as soon as I'm sorted out". I just thought to myself "here we go, the first phase in the breaking up stages". So, give it a few days and we were speakin on msn again, and she said, "I think it would be best if we were just mates", and now her msn name is "I love Ricky forever and always". So the blatantly obvious to me is, she was already cheatin on this somebody called Ricky, she made up a load of shite about her having crap on her mind, which was all just an excuse to split up with me :(


drunk with a jeep problem
This is not uncommion. Just think about it like this, she cheated on you. What makes anyone think she will not cheat on her next boyfriend?


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
At her age you can assume she will be switching her mind, and her boyfriends all the time. Look at it this way, you're so young you probably mixed up lust and love anyhow, sad but true. Chin up and all that. Find another one to lust.. I mean love. Good luck.


Fresh Meat

Let that be a lesson for any guy out there - if a women is into you she won't ever have to take a break to get her shit together. She just doesn't have the guts to tell you to get lost or she wants to keep you hanging on in case of an emergency - ie her new man takes a hike.