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I don't know what to do with my thoughts, I just wrote these at 5 am while watching TV.I don’t really have many talents to speak of, I am not athletic nor am I brilliant. I can not produce great works of art or literature. I have one passion in life above all others, philosophy. It is said that philosophy is a fools game, if so then call me a fool. As I write this I feel the need to also inform anyone reading including myself as I type that these are thoughts typed out as they come, so there may be incomplete sentences and frequent misspellings. Along with philosophy I find religion to be interesting, neither lucrative career choices but I enjoy them. Mother fucking dog. My life as of now is not going anywhere but maybe that is my own fault because of my lack of perspective. In life you determine your own level of involvement, thank Fight Club for that quote. My life should be and hopefully is only limited by my mind and maybe a little by my capabilities. But as far as I see my capabilities should only be handicapped by my mind, so it is a little bit of a paradox. Granted I realize that I can’t do everything and anything of course I do have limitations but there are very few compared to all of the option I have. It is October 13 5:48 AM and it is a beautiful morning, the sun is not up yet and the stars are bright. I called Adam taking a chance of him being awake and he wasn’t, which is a same and I am a tad embarrassed but I will get over it. I am sure if he was awake he would have enjoyed this great morning. I know a bit about sex though. I only bring this up because I am watching Sex Inspectors with all these clueless sods who couldn’t give an orgasm to a woman if it were gift wrapped. I can still learn a bit though. Lubrication and what not. Listening to the Apocalyptica Mix CD I burned. I need to get a normal sleeping schedule in order or else I am fucked. My insomnia, if that is what I can call it, is pissing me off. Better pissed off than pissed on I suppose. What am I going to do with my life? Don’t know. What am I going to do with my annuities? Don’t know. Investments, college going to fuckin’ Pennsylvania, it is all too much. Sex is important but over-rated. It is taken either too lightly or too serious not many people are found in the middle. Same with religion, than again I have no problem with taking religion lightly, it is when it is taken too seriously that bugs the crap outta me. Wow, Adam keeps his cell phone on all the time…oops. I can’t believe he is actually sleeping. I love Misty-Rose but I don’t think I will be able to travel to Pennsylvania to see her, at least not at the time I said I would.

Walter Quade my pseudonym. I enjoy the name and I put a lot of thought into the personality of the character behind it. As Adam has said he is my shadow. My personality is an INTJ and Walter is an ENTJ. He is just more extroverted and comfortable in social surroundings.

Watching some religious chick on the television and I can’t believe all of the brain-washing techniques I am seeing and or hearing. Patterned voice roll, and the guilt technique as well as peer pressure and a mess of others. The yes technique. Man, I may not have all of the names of the techniques right but I now what I mean. OH WHAT THE FUCK this bitch is selling shit for people to be closer to “GOD” WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Using the term donation as a disguise for you buying this fucking brain washing CD as well music with more brain-washing most likely using rhythms and tones. Now I see the emotional and guilt factor by using Hurricane Katrina as bait…OH WHAT THE FUCK. Religion is a very lucrative business. She even has a fucking magazine….WHAT THE FUCK. This chick is as bad as that Binney Hin fuck. Fucking Joyce Meyer. Now she is selling a fucking brain washing book!!! What the fuck man, this chick has got all the bases covered music, tapes books and OH FUCK MY ASS this is so horrible but I can’t look away…it is like a fucking car wreck. The glory of “GOD” is in my fucking pants!!!!! SHE HAS TEACHING TAPES, SIMINARS, MAGAZINES AND MONTHLY LETTERS AND A WEBSITE!!!!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK…. Oh well…slide. “GOD” can lick my hairy sac. I feel ill now considering that I lied to that guy, telling him I will convert just to get him out of my face, well off my IM anyway.

Another brain washing priest asshole. Telling people that “GOD” sent people like him to tell people to be good Christians so they can go to paradise and be immortal. Now sinning is being put into a metaphor of a pig sty. I happen to like porno. I can understand how people have faith, but it is people like that Joyce Meyer bitch and this guy whatever his name is. I am sure their intentions are good…maybe….doubtfully. Honestly I doubt anybody knows what faith is about. Everyone is too fucking brainwashed and turned away by all the hypocrisy. Fuck me, this guy is peddling CD’s as well and a book, pamphlet thing and he is asking for money. The 700 club. FUCK!!!! They are using emotions to sell a fucking magazine, Fuck. Patriotism…Fuck. DAMN. This hurts me, so much. Widows are selling their shit to the church…FUCK. I am not one for materialism but FUCK man, at least use the money for something useful. COCKEYED BASTARDS!!!! Maybe I am too harsh, the money could be going to something good like they say. The whoever people of whatever third world country could be getting water wells from these donations…but I doubt it. Perhaps my research on brainwashing has made me paranoid but this is fucking ridiculous. For sixty five cents a day, twenty dollars a month you can be saved… no, no I am not paranoid.


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