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Just to be random


Lay out!
guy sure does love his "dancin kitty cat". catchy tune though.

oh, and thing where you play a song backwards and theres a subliminal message, that pisses me off. it's just a goddamn coincidence. have you seen the one where they play stairway to heaven backwards and you hear "satan"

"OMG it's Satan! THIS BAND IS SATANIC!!!1!1!one"

goddamn, there are bands out there that sing about worse things than just little ol' satan.

but, that was random :thumbsup:


Gimmie Pwnies
#1 I'm a kitty-cat and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance WEEEEEEE!!11one!11!

#2 think about how many thousands of songs are released every year. shurley(sp?) one or two, when a certan part of the song, when played at exactly the right speed, will have a somewhat reconigsible bad word. right?