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Keyboard Shift


Yay fire!
I was bored, so I thought I'd start a new little game.
The object is for one person to type a message, shifting their fingers up, down, left, or right from the standard typing position...
For example:
"you fucking n00b!" could be "upi givlomh [email protected]" or "tiy dyxjubf b99v~"
The next person then has to figure out the shift you made (in the first example, the shift was one to the right, and in the second it was one to the left) translate the message, and then reply or create a new message of their own using whatever shift they want. Make them as difficult or simple as you want. I'll start.

O vsmmpy dysmf pit hpbrtm,rmy/// nimvj pg [pert jimhtu ksvlsddrd/


If you want a challenging 'new' way to use your keyboard, why don't you do something useful and check out Dvorak.