Kill Em All And Let God Sort Em Out


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
alright too much anger not enough killing, holy crap, where to start the rage, jesus
are people just fucking stupid or what, i mean i realize im in high school and all but by grade 12 shouldnt people be somewhat competent?????? holy fuck how stupid these people are, its not fucking cool to talk to someone in the halls you dont know and think its funny, its not cool to act black when your fucking white, walking around saying whats up my N****** to other white people your not fucking cool, you shoudl fuck well be shot :gun: :gun: :gun: , bust a fucking cap in your goddam ass and destroy your fucking carcasses in a bloody massacre, i mean im not the brightest god dam person but i can at least fucking make it through high school without problems, i mean people werent this fucking stupid 25 years ago were they???
i mean hell they probably did more drugs than my shithole generation and still came out competent like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!